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Would you rather make decisions involving your children or hand these decisions over to a judge who never has met them? Would you rather negotiate a fair division of your hard-earned assets and income in the privacy of an attorney's office or nitpick one in the busy hallway of the courthouse? Would you rather set the pace of your own case or subject yourself to artificial and often unrealistic time standards? Would you rather end your marriage as friends or use your energy and resources to rip your partner apart?

You decide.

We focus exclusively on resolving family law challenges through collaboration, litigation and mediation. In doing so, we provide creative approaches to your unique issues with attention to detail, integrity and professionalism.

We bring together almost thirty years of collective legal experience from practitioners whose reputations reflect our commitment to excellence. Simply put, we are a different breed of lawyer. Our attorneys care about you as our client and about the outcome of your case. Our attorneys educate you about the process, the law and the art of negotiation. We strive to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem when your case is complex and emotionally charged. Our attorneys respect you as an individual who presents both short and long-term needs and whose decisions will affect your children for years to come. Working with you as a team, we ensure that you have all of the documents and information necessary to develop an informed, thoughtful strategy about every aspect of your case. Our highly-skilled paralegal will begin to assist you as early as your initial telephone call to our office. You immediately will feel that you are in the right place.

Our Rating

Jennifer previously was rated by Martindale Hubbell, an international agency which develops and publishes ratings based upon the confidential written opinions of the local bench and bar. We are very proud to have achieved this high rating in the past for, as Martindale Hubbell highlights, “it is a confirmation of the status achieved as [a] highly respected ethical member of the bar.” Additionally, such a rating “signifies that legal abilities are acknowledged by peers and that professional ethics are unquestioned.” We are in the process of requesting an updated rating.